The Idea

We all want to live a meaningful life. But, how? That’s the question. When you step back from life, pause and reflect, do you have these feelings deep inside? You are capable of more. You are not living to your full potential. Your life could be better…For many of us (however successful we may appear) life just isn’t what we hoped for. We’ve done everything expected of us:

Worked hard at school

Built a career

Got married

Had kids

Took holidays and bought stuff

This is all well and good until you wake one morning, like millions of others, and realise that life isn’t what you had expected. You are not happy. And here’s the problem: The details of life – the every-day, the nitty gritty – just don’t match the big picture story of success. Of course, you are proud of your hard work and love your family, but be honest with yourself…how many of these resonate with you?

You dread the alarm every morning.

Your body aches. It feels stiff and immobile, and moving it is an effort.

You feel exhausted all the time.

You are constantly stressed.

You hate your job.

You own a business, but it brings you no joy.

You are constantly trying to lose weight.

Your mind feels sluggish and foggy.

You drink too much.

You feel disconnected.

You are constantly distracted.

You are lonely.

You have lost your sense of purpose.

You are directionless.

You feel worthless.

…Should I go on?

Here’s the kicker, while it’s not your fault that you have ended up in this position – that’s simply modernity – it’s entirely your responsibility to get yourself out of it. Luckily, we can provide some help.

Be Fit to Lead was created in order to help anyone who has come to the realisation that they want more from life. Our goal is to provide the information, guidance and community support, to help you take control of all aspects of your health and take back control of your life. We believe that it is of vital importance to have your body and brain functioning optimally so that you have the energy, strength and focus to take the challenges of life head on. For this reason, we focus greatly on the importance of nutrition and movement in building a capable body and mind.  Once you have your biology on your side, we then provide you with guidance on how to approach reconstructing your life in a manner that fills you with a sense of purpose, provides you with direction and fosters a deep sense of confidence.

We want to help you become the best version of yourself, physically mentally and emotionally.

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The Course

We will teach you everything you need to know to be the best version of yourself

Learn how to take control of your health

 Discover the nutrition fundamentals that will have your body burning fat, your mind sharp and focused and your energy levels strong and steady all day long.

Learn how to take control of your body

 Master the bodyweight training system that will keep you lean, strong and flexible without every stepping foot in a gym.

Learn how to take control of your life

Uncover techniques and strategies for taking control of your personal life. Build resilience, foster deep relationships and discover the art of living purposefully.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg….

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The Events

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