Meet the Team

Sean O’Leary

Founder - Chief Wonderer

Leads Business Philosophy & Wellbeing

Sean is a serial entrepreneur and wellness expert. He describes himself as an unemployable wonderer, eternal wanderer, malcontent entrepreneur, yogi, boxer, aspiring gymnast, married father of 5 and creator.  Since retiring from his first business at 34, over 20 years ago, he has been searching for and experimenting with better ways to do business and better ways to live.

Fit to Lead is the culmination of those enquiries. Along the way Sean has enjoyed “Triumph and Disaster” and with age and experience has recognised each for the imposters they are.  Sean’s passion and purpose are to share with our members and subscribers, practical tools, tips and techniques to express the very best version of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally, whilst creating businesses that bring them joy.

Late in mid-life Sean embarked on a five year period of deep learning, that built on a life-long interest in Philosophy. The learning encompassed deep physical learning through yoga and gymnastics ( Sean trained as a Freestyle Yoga Instructor), an understanding of the workings of mind and emotions, through studies of performance psychology (Sean is a certified NLP practitioner) and through studies of achievement (Sean is a certified Performance Coach).

These learnings, combined with 30 years experience as a qualified accountant, business finance consultant and entrepreneur form the basis of much what is shared through Fit To Lead.



Co-Founder – Chief Skeptic

Leads Nutrition & Movement

With a Degree in Biological Sciences from Edinburgh and a brief a career in banking behind him, Josh took a five-year deep dive into the worlds of health, nutrition and fitness.

A professionally qualified personal trainer, Josh is a lifelong contrarian and proud skeptic. He constantly questions preconceived notions and conventional wisdom in the worlds of nutrition and exercise in order to craft an understanding of these fields that breaks all the old rules.

He is driven by a frustration with out- dated paradigms that are keeping people overweight and unwell and a desire to spread the word on the combination of modern science and ancient wisdom that brings the achievement of optimal physical health within everyone’s grasp – without the boredom and stresses that are usually considered necessities in this process.

Josh looks at everything through an evolutionary prism.