Our Partners

Partner With Us

Our partners get it.  They embrace the Fit To Lead philosophy of being the best you can be, whether in life or business.  All seek to make the world a better place through their endeavours, whilst joyfully having fun along the way.  If you get it and feel we could partner, get in touch.


Our Kent Venue


We love the guys at Kingdom and they love us!

Kingdom is a magnificent, ethical and ecological venue, where magic happens. Come and join us and share the magic.


T K Boxing

Pro. Boxing Coach

T K Boxing

Tommy Kotrla is one of the most popular coaches at our events. His enthusiasm is second to none.

With over 280 fights in his career, including 13 professional bouts he has vast experience to share.

Freestyle Yoga Project

Yoga & Movement

Freestyle Yoga Project

These guys can move. Mark Freeth, founder of FYP is one of Sean's key Yoga and Movement mentors.

You can check out Mark's superhuman feat's at some of our events. Have a look at their classes to, there is something for all those interested in movement.