Work with Us!

Limited Opportunities To Consult One To One

For all of us, time is our most limited, and therefore our most valuable resource.  All of the team at Fit to Lead guard our time preciously. With that in mind, there are limited opportunities to consult with us one to one.

If you are a leader wishing to make a greater impact and contribute positively to society, get in touch. It’s the scale of your ambitions, not the size of your business that will determine whether we can work together.

Sean O’Leary

Founder - Chief Wonderer

Sean’s friends think he is semi-retired! 

Not so, it’s a scurrilous rumour, he simply chooses carefully who he works with.  You see, it’s all about purpose and people. Sean acts as mentor, adviser, or “Non-Exec Philosopher” to a handful of leaders that want to make a difference.

If you want to make the world a slightly better place, with your business, get in touch.   First step is to have a coffee and see if we get on.

DARYL Woodhouse

Co-Founder – Chief Disruptor

Daryl’s colleagues, friends and family ask how he gets so much done across multiple businesses whilst being a father of three young children!

According to Daryl, it’s all about like-minded people collaborating, planning and taking the right action.  Over the years he has developed unique methods, tech enabled tools and an extensive network to achieve maximum effectiveness and quick results for those around him.

An award-winning adviser, mentor, key note speaker and ‘Non-Exec Disrupter’, Daryl acts for a select number of leaders and their teams.

First step is to set up a chemistry call with Daryl.

Josh O'Leary

Co- Founder - Chief Skeptic

“Won’t all that butter give you a heart attack?”,  “Won’t all that red meat give you cancer?”,  “Won’t all that salt give you high blood pressure?”,  You never do cardio?!  How do you stay in shape?”

These questions have become a constant part of Josh’s life, a part that he has accepted. Unfortunately, if you decide to work with Josh, you will have to face these questions too. Fortunately, other side effects include increased energy, improved cognition and a stronger, leaner body.

If this trade-off sounds appealing to you, give Josh a call. 

However, before you pick up the phone, please consider this. This is not a fad. This is not a crash diet. This is not “30 days to shredded abs”. This is a lifestyle change. Josh lives what he teaches everyday, and you need to be prepared to live it too. If you have the motivation you need to make significant changes in your life and reclaim your health for the long term, then get in touch.